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    EG Canada (Toronto, ON) is a division of Enola Gaye Worldwide. EG Canada provides Wholesale and Retail Sales of Smoke Grenades, Smoke Emitters, Pyro products, Tactical Gear and related Accessories to the Canadian market.

    We are aggressively expanding our line of Smoke Grenades and Pyrotechnic Devices to match the full EG line of products in the US, UK and Europe.

    For Wholesale Inquiries, Dealer Apps or Team Sponsorships in Canada, please Contact us for info.

    Retail sales: Our products are available to the public, In-Store and Online through our large network of Canadian dealers.

    Shipping: Please note that products ordered on this site can be shipped within Canada only! If you are outside Canada, we have regional offices or dealers in many countries and will be happy to refer you. For additional details on ordering & shipping from Enola Gaye Canada, please see our Order Info page.

    If we suspect you are planning to do something irresponsible or cause mischief with our products, we will not sell to you. EG Smoke Grenades are designed for Film, TV, Photography, Survival and Signalling and Paintball & Airsoft Fields. If your use is for a purpose other than these, we will be happy to supply you--provided we are satisfied that you will not cause a nuisance or annoyance to the general public.

    Our premium quality products offer you the ultimate experience at work or play. Uses include:

    • Paintball and Airsoft Smoke Grenades (camo, cover, distraction or simulation smoke)
    • Special Effects Smoke in Film, Photography or Television
    • Training Smoke for Police, Fire or Military personnel (e.g. tactical drills, emergency response drills, exercises)
    • Skydiving Smoke
    • Signalling Smoke for Rescue and Recovery
    • HVAC Smoke (e.g. leak testing, airflow testing)
    • And more!

    We are proud partners of Rocket Fireworks Inc - Canada's Premier Fireworks Source - Canada's largest retailer of Smoke devices and Consumer Fireworks.

    Questions about products or info you see on our site? Please get in touch with us!